Vietnamese names

Unlike Western world, Vietnamese surnames are very limited. The most common ones are Nguyen and Tran, the names of the last two dynasties. Therefore, every Vietnamese has to have two names: personal name and family name or surname that distinguishes them from other people with the same name but no relation. Therefore, all people of the same family have the same "family name". Notably, Vietnamese family name is put first, then middle name and first name (personal name) is the last.

Example: A person called Nguyen Duc Giang, Giang is the personal name, Duc is middle name and Nguyen is family name. Vietnamese people prefer to be called by their first name preceded by a pronoun (“Anh” for males of older ages, “Chi” for females of older ages, and “Em” for both males and females of younger ages)

Other popular family names are “Le”, “Hoang”, “Vu”, and “Pham”